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CH 12 Required Reading NotesSexuality Across The Life CycleInfancy 12 yearsFetuses babies and children exhibit sexual responses BUT we do not know what the responses mean to them unlike adultsErectionsGenital swellingLubricationMasturbation is also quite typicalWhat is our responseHow important is our responsepublic vs private settingpunishing child will not stop behavioreach parent decide how to react religious moral considerationsEarly Childhood 38 yearsInterested in sexual anatomy and sexual behaviour eg play dr samesex play may be more common than other sex playDifficult to conduct research regarding masturbation Childrens knowledge of sex varies Halton Region Health Department 2001 Children and sexuality A guide for parents and caregivers of young childrenBurlington ON Halton Region Health DepartmentSee wwwhaltoncacommonpagesUserFileaspxfileId15448 for a revised editionTips about talking to children about sexualityCreate an open and comfortable atmosphere You may not know all the answersDo not avoid answering your childs questions Look for opportunities to talk about sexualityyou can be the initiator Keep your answers short and simple Get additional info and resources Discuss what you believe about sexuality and why Encourage your child to share info heshe is learning about sexuality Build your childs selfesteemKey messages for childrenOur bodies are good special and deserve care and respectBoys and girls bodies are differentthose different parts are called privateThe names of these parts areAdults and older children should never fondle a childs private parts cleaning wipingfondlingEveryone has all kinds of feelingsall feelings are okSometimes we dont know what we are feeling or you have more than one feeling at the same timewe can call that mixed up or confused1
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