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CH 13 Required Reading NotesSexual DysfunctionsPersistent or recurrent difficulties in sexual desire or becoming sexually aroused or reaching orgasm distress Happen to everyone from time to timeMany suffer in silenceCommon problems in1 problem is low sexual desire Compas survey 1998Which factors have a negative impact on your sex lifetoo tired and too busy are TOP TWOstressbody imagehealth problemschildrenTypes of Sexual Dysfunctionsth APA DiagnosticStatistical Manual of Mental Disorders 2000 4Ed4 categories1Sexual desire disorders2Sexual arousal disorders3Orgasmic disorders4Sexual pain disordersClassified asLifelong vs Acquired Generalized vs Situational 1 Sexual desire disordersPersistent or recurrent lack of sexual desire or aversion to sexual contactA Hypoactive Sexual Desire DisorderLittle or no sexual interest More common among womenAppreciate affection and intimacy but no interest in genital stimulationIssues no standard definition of low sexual desire and many impose a male model of what is normal sexually on womenBiological and psychological factorsHormonal deficiencies anxiety depression dissatisfaction with relationship all contribute to lack of desireMedical conditionsTestosterone deficiencies thyroid overactivityunderactivity temporal lobe epilepsy hypogonadismMedications for anxiety hypertension B Sexual Aversion DisorderSome researchers consider it to be a sexual phobia or sexual panic state1
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