Lecture 4, Marshall McLuhan Exam Prep

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Communication Studies
Alexandre Sevigny

Marshall McLuhan- Lecture 4 Tuesday, January 21, 2014 Administrivia -Media Release Assgnm (due in week 4) -writing workshop on Friday **get books Bio -communications scholar -Innis (student) -interested in the impact of communications technology on the person, as an individual (took Innis' hypothesis and changed it, how we use and perceive our bodies and minds) -"The Global Village" -new technology (internet) collapsing both time and space -retribalizing our society moving us away from law binding and orderly society -creating a world which everyone is intertwined and things are messier and thoughts can be intertwined with each other's -no more abstract countries and nations, the world of the internet is a village of like-minded people -"The Medium is the Message" --email invitations are more formal, invitations via mail is highest formality (the feeling we attach with certain mediums of communication set how we perceive the medium) -"Patron Saint" of Wire Magazine -art performers started to get hired and the idea that art could become a business within itself -the worlds of business and art combined and formed the new economy (Innis say the community and power and culture and economy is plastic, it changes when new technology is brought in and new companies start) High Priest of Pop Culture *films to check out: The Medium is the Massage* -Difficult to Understand? -Annie Hall -McLuhans Wake -Woody Allen: You cant make a video viral, but you can have a sense and intuition to if a video will be viral our not, you only rely on your senses and what you have acquired on media McLuhans Philosophy -Mcluhan was influenced by Innis and accepted Innis "Comunication Thesis" -for Mcluhan the content of objects is less important than the fact that they exist in culture and society -McLuhan favoured rhetoric over dialectic -The Medium is the Message -content of any medium is always just another medium: content of speech is though, content of writing of speech, content of printing is writing -Media can change how we perceive, new movies com
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