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Communication Studies
Janice Hladki

It is most important to make sure that you understand the analytical approaches of the course which are found in theme titles for each week of the syllabi in the readings and most importantly in lectures To use my theme examples from above of body transformation and family these are points of discussion that have come up throughout the course in relation to many films Other examples of broadly applicable themes that have been taken up across the course include the significance of visual culture race queer culture memory disability and embodiment relations of power colonialism resistance etcFamily 1Review antonias lineoReading in relation FOR SURE FAMILYAntonias linePittebad guyDanielleher daughterOlga khol woman Therese child prodigydanielles daughteralso raped by pitteher daughter SARAHLettapregnant woman Ms AndersonThe movie just nominated for the best foreign film Oscar is about a matriarchy founded by a woman named Antonia Willeke van Ammelrooy who after World War II returns to her Dutch village She and her daughter have come back to bury her old motherso it goes the movie is punctuated with moments in which we are assured that season followed season and crops were planted and harvested and life went on and nothing much changed There are dark days two of them involving rape but the women take direct measures One miscreant is punctured by a pitchfork and another receives Antonias curseWhat we remember most of all is the way Antonias extended family grows Children and grandchildren inlaws and outlaws neighbors friends and drifters all come to sit at her long long dinner table and all learn the same simple rule which is to look for the good in othersand to not criticize those who have found a way to be happy without seriously bothering anybodyAntonia and the others listen to Crooked Finger but do not subscribe to his gloom They are not religious in a conventional sense but theyre regular churchgoers because the church provides a weekly gathering of the communitya spiritual version of their communal dinners
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