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Statistics Canada Homework COMM 1B03September 18 2012 Zahra Haidari 0964413 a CPI annual inflation July 2012 13 b Unemployment rate August 2012 and 73 c Monthly GDP growth June 2012 02 Monthly GDP Growth June 2012 httpwwwstatcangccadailyquotidien120831dq120831aengpdf 1 Real GDP increaseddecreased by 05 in the second quarter matching the pace of the two previous quarters2 List the industries that belong to the goodsproducing sector Hint Table 4 The industries that belong to the goodsproducing sector are 1 Agriculture forestry fishing and hunting 2Mining oil and gas extraction 3Utilities4 Construction 5 Manufacturing 3 List four industries that belong to the servicesproducing sector Hint Table 4 Four industries that belong to the servicesproducing sector are1 Whole sale trade 2 Retail Trade 3 Transportation and warehousing 4 Finance Insurance and Real Estate 4 In the second quarter what industries recorded declines in output In the second quarter the industries that recorded a decline in output were retail trade information and cultural industries professional scientific and technical services administrative and waste management services accommodation and food services information and communications nondurable manufacturing industries
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