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McMaster University
Emad Mohammad

FINAL  Chapters 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16  In order on the exam Chapter 8: Culture and Socialization  Questions 1-10  RJP  Psychological contract  Developing commitment in a new recruit  Escalation of commitment into how to develop commitment in a new employee (text + Teal)  Difference between orientation and socialization  Strategic importance of socialization  Only know one model on how people are socialized (three-stage model: anticipatory, encounter, settling in)  Six socialization tactics (collective vs. individual…etc.)  Difference between distal and proximal socialization outcomes  What does it mean to peruse proactive socialization  Read everything in text on mentoring  Difference between culture, climate and subculture  How to diagnose a culture  What is a strong culture, how to preserve a strong culture  Advantage and disadvantages of a strong culture  Seven phases of developing a strong culture (selection, hazing, etc.) Chapter 9: Leadership  17 questions  Difference between leaders and managers  Informal vs. formal  Transactional vs. transitional  13 of questions come from the framework sheet (theories – feedler, etc.)  Four alternative leadership theories (global, strategic, leader-membership exchange)  One question on a neutralizer or a substitute (last slide)  Teal Special’s section: o LSI sheet o Leadership effectiveness equation Chapter 12: Power, Politics and Ethics  14 questions  Power as social exchange  Powers as resource dependency theory  McClelland: first to say negative power, positive power, etc.  Most questions come from “The Five Bases/Types of Power” model (legitimate, reward, coercive; referent, expertise)  Influence tactics (how they connect to bases – what influence tactic would someone operating on referent power use?)  Everything about empowerment (what is it, how do you empower, different degrees, characteristics of empowered people)  Strategic contingencies model (when all power can shift – Alternative View of Power)  Definition of organizational politics  Business ethics vs. business morals  Causes of unethical behavior  Teal Specials: o Archie Carol’s pyramid of corporate-social responsible Chapter 13: Conflict and Stress  Only have 10 questions from the text on conflict and stress  Teal Special’s have some STRESS questions as well (not in body
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