COMMERCE 2BC3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Job Analysis, Workflow, Work Unit

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Chapter 4 analysis & design of work & hr planning. Job analysis = analyze existing jobs to gather info for other hr management practices(selection, training, performance appraisal & compensation) Job design = focus on redesigning motivating to jobholders. Identify company"s output,activities & inputs for production existing jobs to make them more efficient/ more. Work-flow design = process of analyzing tasks required for the production of product or services before assigning tasks to a specific individual or categorise it. Work outputs: product of a work unit & can be an identifiable thing/ service. Work processes: activities where members work tgt to produce output. Org structure = stable & formal network of vertical & horizontal interconnections among jobs w/in org. Centralization: decision-making authority resides @ the top of org chart. Departmentalization: work units are grouped based on 1) functional similarity/ 2)similarity of work-flow. Functional structure= functional departmentalization with high level of centralization. Sensitive to small differences across products & clients.

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