COMMERCE 2BC3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Canada Labour Code, Reasonable Accommodation, Fide

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Employment and labour laws are provincial, and majority of canadian employees are governed by provincial law. Two legal systems: civil code in quebec, common law (judge interpretation of laws) Prime minister and federal ministers have executive power over government departments (doj, dof) The premier and the cabinet has power at provincial level. In labour and employment law is generally handled outside the court system by administrative tribunals. Judicial branch consists of 4 levels of court systems: civil and criminal provincial courts, courts of first instance (tax court, superior court, appellate courts (manage appeals) Federal human rights: occupational health and safety act. Protecting human rights: human rights in employment are protected by the charter as well as human rights legislation in each jurisdiction of canada. Protects the fundamental freedoms of all canadians, democratic rights, mobility rights, legal rights, equality rights, language rights, and aboriginal rights. Charter takes precedence over other laws; legislation that is violating it is only valid if: