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McMaster University
Marvin Ryder

One significant industry trend we identified is the extensive growth in the industry accredited to Electronic Surveillance Devices (ESDs). Projected retail revenue numbers after ten years state that ESDs will provide roughly 15% more revenue than Security Guards and Private Investigations(SGs and PIs); contrasting from the current market where was ESDs churn out 20% less revenue than SGs and PIs. This technological shift will enable greater potential markets to be explored. Companies will also be able to capitalize on offering efficient bundles. Through including both service and hardware, firms will be able to offer consumers better, tailored protection. These service bundles offer greater dependence on the company, thus, increasing loyalty. Economic and technological trends heavily impact the market demand for security services. Technological advances translate into firms acquiring expensive capital. To ensure daily operations, firms need to spend more on loss-prevention protection and services. In addition, intellectual property contributes more and more into a firm’s competitive advantage and it is crucial to safeguard such information.Another significant opportunity is the decline of indirect competition. The rising cost of insurance, higher deductibles, persuades companies to rely on security providers. Arising market in the industry is the household sector. By partnering with alarm distributors, large security corporations would be able to share the market by contributing technological support that will also offer households monitoring services. An emerging threat to the Canadian security industry is
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