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chapter 2

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Ying Hong

Chapter 2 Strategy RewardsBehaviourOrganizations as SystemsOrganizations systems that apply procedures to a set of resources in order to transform input materials into outputs that someone values4 types of transformation human info physicalfinancial corp strategy competitivebusiness strategythe orgs plan for how it will achieve its goalsorg structure the vehicle for execution of this strategyis composed of several structural dimensions or variablescarries out the orgs strategycontingency approach to org design an approach to org design base on the premise that the best type of structure for an org depends on the key contingencies contextual variablessize tech nature of ppl envt associated w that org Strategic Framework for Comp P 2627 Fig 21 22Structural variables an org needs to divide the total task into manageable subtasks differentiationthen it needs to coordinate the completing of these subtasks so they fit together integrationAn effective org structure serves to reduce internalexternal uncertainty for the org The org structure consists of a number of separate variableslevers that are used to produce desired variables1 job design describes the manner in which the total task of an org is divided into sep jobs 2 coordinationdepartmentation a dimension of org structure that describes the methods used to coordinate the work of individual employeessubunits in an org 3 decisionmakingleaderships structure comprises the mechanisms through which the orgs decisions are madethe type of leadership role played by those in managerial positions 4 communicationinfo structure describes the methods used to communicate info throughout the orgthe amntkinds of info to be transmitted5 control structure the means used to ensure that org members are doing what they are supposed to processes use to control empl behavManagerial strategy managerial strategiesone of three main patterns or combinations of structural variables that can be adopted by an org 1 classical 2 human relations 3 highinvolvementcontextual variables the orgs envt corporate strategy technology sizework force domain defines the specific products or services to be offered by the org
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