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Organizations: systems that apply procedures to a set of resources in order to transform input materials into outputs that someone values. 4 types of transformation: human, info, physical & financial. Corp. strategy: competitive/business strategy the org. s plan for how it will achieve its goals. Org. structure: the vehicle for execution of this strategy & is composed of several structural dimensions or variables = carries out the org. s strategy. Strategic framework for comp: 26-27, fig 2. 1, 2. 2. Structural variables: an org. needs to divide the total task into manageable subtasks ( differentiation ) & then it needs to coordinate the completing of these subtasks so they fit together ( integration ) An effective org. structure serves to reduce internal & external uncertainty for the org. & the amnt & kinds of info to be transmitted: control structure: the means used to ensure that org. members are doing what they are supposed to (processes use to control empl. behav. )

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