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Base pay: the portion of an individua s comp. that is based on time worked, not on output: advantages: flexibility buying time from employee. allows employer to recognize important behaviours = skill dvlpt. signal importance of jobs = higher pay. rep. a fixed employer commitment, not linked to variability in an employer s ability to pay. does not motivate task behav or org. citiz. Performance pay: any type of financial reward provided only when certain specified perf. results occur. Results may be based on the perf. of individual empl. , group or team or the entire org: advantages, disadvantages: signal key empl. behavs & motivate empl. to achieve them. empl. prefer predictable & certain rewards vs. unpredictable. causes empl. to focus on behav. that are measured, ignoring others that are not measured. Indirect pay: any type of employer-provided reward that serves an empl. need but is not part of base/perf. pay: advantages:

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