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chapter 7

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Chapter 7 Evaluating Jobs The Job Evaluation ProcessJob Analysis the process of collecting info on which job descriptions are basedJob description a summary of the duties responsibilitiesreporting relationships pertaining to a particular jobJob specifications the empl qualifications deemed necessary to successfully perform the duties for a given jobMethods of JA 1 Observation involves watching the empl as the job is performednoting the kinds of activities performed with whomusing what toolseqiup 2 Interview can lead to valid info but the empl perspective on the importance of various job duties may be diff from that of the supervisorDrawbackthe cost of the time involved 3 Questionnaires openended or closedended firmspecific or proprietary Must be reliablevalidcause this is difficult many org use proprietary PAQ focuses on the behav that make up a job a Information input mental processes work output relationships w other persons job contextother job characteristics4 FJA develops generic descriptions of jobs using a common set of job functions Uses task statements who performs what to whom w what tools to achieve what outcome Pitfalls in JAanalyzing the job holder vs the job itselfdescriptions have been subject to gender biasJA is useful only if job stays constantwhen the job changes this info may become obsoletemisleading likely in highinvJob Evaluation Methodsthe 5 categories can be divided into 2 main categorieswhole job methodshuman judgment is the main determinant of the job hierarchymethods that use quantitative factors to establish the job hierarchy 1 RankingPaired ComparisonRanking method involves asking a group of judges to examine a set of job descriptionsto rank jobs according to their overall worth to the org Paired comp ea job is compared w every other job one pair at a timeDrawbacks difficult to get the grp of judges to agree on rankings doesnt establish the relative intervals bw jobs provides no explicit bias for explaining why jobs are ranked as they areTherefore this method is not acceptable for JE 2 ClassificationGradingoperates by establishingdefining general classes of jobsthen creating a series of grade descriptions for ea classdiff grades possess diff knowledgeskills complexity of duties supervisionAdv straightforwardinexpensive flexible for a lrgof jobsMay or may not be acceptable for JE
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