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chapter 8

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Ying Hong

Chapter 8 Evaluating Jobs The Point Method of JE Point Methodhas a highdegree of precision in measuring jobs consistent provides the relative value of ea job5 main steps for point method 1 Identify key characteristicscompensable factors that differentiate the value of jobs a Compensable factors characteristics of jobs that are valued by the orgdifferentiate jobs from one another job inputsPAGE 299 81 outputs job reqjob conditions 2 Develop a measuring scale for ea factors so that the extent to which ea factor is present in a job can be quantified a Once factors are decided a number of degrees are made for ea factorgrades in the extent to which a certain factor is present in a particular jobcould be a number of degrees for a factor depends on the range 3 Weigh ea factor according to its importance to the firm producing a system that an be used to provide a point total for ea factor for ea job a Statistical analysis uses a sample of existing jobs that have been ratedare thought to be paid correct b Expert judgment a priori forms a panel of knowledgeable individuals win
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