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Of text, graphics, audio, animation or video: teleconference: the exchange of video, audio & text b/w 2+ ppl, television: transmission of tv signals via cable or satellite. Computer-based tr: tr that is delivered via the comp. for the purpose of teaching job-relevant skills (text, graphics via cd s, intranets of internet) E-learning: refers to the use of comp. network tech to deliver info or instructions to individuals (only computer-based = internet/intranet) Instructor-led learning (ilt): involve an instructor or facilitator who leads, facilitates or trains online. Self-directed learning(sdl): occurs when individuals or groups take the initiative & responsibility for earning & managing their own learning experiences. Asynchronous tr: tr that is available to empl at any time & from any location it is pre-recorded. Synchronous tr: live tr in real-time so trainees must be at their computer at a specific time (chat ) Video conferencing: linking a subject-matter expert or trainer to empl. by means of 2-way tv & satellite tech.

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