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chapter 8

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Chapter 8 TechBased TR Methodsthe use of learning tech reps 16 of all formal TR timtechbased TR refers to TR that involves the use of tech to deliver ittraditional TR TR that does NOT involve the use of tech to deliver it classroom textbooks 1 Internet a loose confederation of computer networks around the world that is connected through several primary networks 2 Intranet any network contained win an orgrefers primarily to networks that use Internet tech 3 Extranet a collaborative network that uses Internet tech to link orgs w their suppliers customers or other orgs that share common goals or info 4 CDROM records storesretrieves electronic info on a CD that is read using an optical drive 5 Electronic Perf Support System EPSS an integrated computer application that uses any combination of expert systems hypertext to help a user perform a task in realtime quick w a min of support 6 Electronic simulation a devicesystem that replicatesimitates a real devicesystem 7 Multimedia a comp application that uses any comb Of text graphics audio animation or video 8 Teleconference the exchange of video audiotext bw 2 ppl 9 Television transmission of tv signals via
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