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chapter 11

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Chapter 11 Training EvaluationTraining evaluation a process designed to assess the value of TR programs to emplorganalyses data collected from trainees supervisors or others o Assists maangers in identifying programs most applicable to empl o Det The cost benefits of a program o Det If the TR program has achieved the expected results or solved the problem for which TR was the solution for of Cndn org evaluate trainee reactions 13 evaluate learning15 evaluate behaviourTypes of TR Evaluation 1 The data collected evaluations differ w respect to the type of info that is gatheredhow that is accomplished a Includes trainee perceptions at the conclusion of TR psychological forces learning behave Change work envt transfer climate learning culture 2 The purpose of the evaluation evaluations also differ w respect to their purposes a Formative evaluations designed to help evaluators asses the value of the TR materialsprocessesprovides data about special interest to TR designersinstructors b Summative evaluations provides data about a TR programs worthiness or effectiveness o Descriptive evaluations provide info describing trainees once why have completed the programo Casual evaluations used to det If the TR caused the postTR behavsModels of TR Evaluation 1 Kirkpatricks Hierarchical Model4 Levels of TR EvaluationOldest best knownmost freq usedA TR program is effective when L1 Trainees report tve reactions to a program Level 1Reactions L2 Trainees learn the TR material L2Learning L3 Trainees apply what they learned on the job l3Behaviours L4 TT has a tve effect on org outcomes L4Outcomes Some have Level 4Results change in job perfLevel 5Investment degree to which changes in job perf are reflected in org contextL1 cause trainees to learn more L2 which inPositive trainee reactionsturn leads to behavioural display of the new skill at work L3 which impactseffectiveness L4 on org Critique the model does NOT indicate the specific nature of the problem or what to do about itit collects no other info trainee motivation selfefficacy it isnt able to provide assistance in the evaluation process
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