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Chapter 7 Psychosocial Hazards psychosocial model of health approach to the study of health that highlights the importance of both the social envtpsychological factors stressor objective event an objectively verifiable event that occurs outside the individual that has the potential to cause stressevents that have the potential to cause change harm ot loss or to pose a threat or challenege vetve o Acute specific time onset you know when it began short durationhigh intensityhave a low frequency ex traffic accident o Chronic no specific time onset short or long duration repeats frequentlylow or high intensity ex job insecurity o Daily have a specific onset short durationlow intensity infrequent ex broken piece of office equipment o Catastrophic specific onset infrequency high intensitylong or short durationo PAGE 170Table 71Workplace Stressors o Workloadworkplace the amnt of work that must be completedthe speed at which employees must work to complete their taks o Roles stressors conflict ambiguity interrole conflictRole conflict when ppl face incompatible demands from 2 sources Role ambiguity the uncertainty that empl experience about what is expected from themInterrole conflict when empl face incompatible demands from 2 rolesfamilywork balance o Career concerns worries about job security fear of job obsolescence underpromotion career progression o Work scheduling shifts that result in a disruption of physiological circadian rhythmssocial activities o Interpersonal relations poor interpersonal relations o Job contentcontrol jobs that are highly repetitive or do not make use o a variety of workers skillsStress subjectively defined an internal response to stressorsis often characterized by tve feelings of arousala consequence of any action situation or event that places special demands on a personGeneral adaption syndrome stress response the bodys way of gearing up for fight or flight o Alarmwhen the person is confronted w a stress o Resistancethe bodys attempt to restore homeostasisreturn to normal o Exhaustionoccurs if the stressor is not dealt wstrain reactions set in Stress moderators a variable that changes the relationship bw 2 variables
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