COMMERCE 4SA3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Carpool, International Monetary Fund, Disposable And Discretionary Income

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Round up and donate campaign ( you take a ride and round up to nearest dollar to raise money for charities. John and logan wanted to start a company with a moral compass. Zimride 2007 - focused on carpooling for college kids to now become lyft. Dec 12 2017, lyft launches in toronto. Now operates in 9 cities in canada (all ontario) Lyft looked to capitalize on toronto"s early adoption of uber in canada, and its willingness to allow another competitor into the scene for the consumers benefit. Lyft wants to choose its next country to expand to. They want to take their business elsewhere and that is why they hired you, an outside consultant to advise them where they should go next. Your job is to come up with a ranking system to identify which country lyft will be able to obtain the most revenue, and market share.