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IB Chapter Notes Chapter 19Training for the WorldEg Japanese process for selecting employees based on team work Extremely difficult process for being hired including 14 hours of testing for the Toyota plant for the lowest level jobsPeople are vital ingredient The Nature of International Human Resource ManagementHRM set of activities directed at attracting developing and maintaining the effective workforce necessary to achieve a firms objectivesIncludes recruitment selection training and development performance appraisals compensation and benefitsInternational managers face challenges than domestic counterpartsCulturesLevels of economic developmentHiring firing training compensationConflicts between laws and culture of home countryWhere various employees should come fromOptimal mix will differ accordingto locationLocal laws must be taken into consideration as they may constrain hiring practicesMore complex training and development challengesCross cultural training for corporate executivesTraining systems must reflect local school systemsWorking conditions and cost of living can be dramatically different thus how do you compensate overseas executives Strategic Significance of HRMMust promote the companys overall corporate and business strategiesFigure 191 International Managerial Staffing Needs2 broad categories Retaining managerial and executive employees and retaining nonmanagerial employeesScope of InternationalizationRecruiting training and retaining managers1Export departmentManager reports to existing company executiveManager likely to be a citizen of the home country and may or may not have international trainingSpecialists for export documentation international trade financing and overseas distribution and marketing are usually hired when staffs expertise need to be increased
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