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COMMERCE 4SA3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Comity, Religious Law, Statutory Law

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Linda Stockton
Study Guide

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International Business 4SA3
Professor Stockton
1) McDonald's has licensed its brand name, operational systems, and trademarks to individual
restaurant owners in Europe. This is called ________.
A) leasing
B) expanding
C) franchising
D) contracting
2) Which of the following is the likely motive for Procter & Gamble's move into China?
A) leverage of core competencies
B) acquisition of resources
C) access to new markets
D) ability to compete
3) Statutory law is ________.
A) enacted by legislative action
B) based on the cumulative wisdom of judges' decisions on individual cases through history
C) based on a codification of what is and is not permissible
D) based on the officially established rules governing the faith and practice of a particular
4) ________ is based on the cumulative wisdom of judges decisions on individual cases through
A) Common law
B) Civil law
C) Bureaucratic law
D) Religious law
5) A country that applies religious laws to civil and criminal conduct is called ________.
A) a legislative democracy
B) a democracy
C) a theocracy
D) a bureaucracy
6) Many countries enforced embargoes against ________ during the 1980s to protest its
apartheid policies.
A) Cuba
B) South Africa
C) China
D) India
7) The ________ provides that a country will honor and enforce within its own territory the
judgments and decisions of foreign courts with certain limitations.
A) Helms-Burton Act
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