COMMERCE 4SD3 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Canada, Tort, Time

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Who makes law: two key sources of law, the courts through case decisions, the government through legislation, legislation is made by federal, provincial, and local governments, constitution is foundation of all legislation. Common law: case-based system of law originating in england and covering most of the. English-speaking world: based on recorded reasons given by courts for their decisions, gives case law the same, or sometimes greater value than legislation, often reaches same conclusions as civil law courts, heavily relies on theory of precedent. Canon law: created by the church, which had its own jurisdiction and courts in matters pertaining to itself, family law, and wills. Feudal law: system of land ownership rooted in sovereign ownership. In 1865, the british parliament passed an act merging the courts of common law and equity into the single system we know today: canadian provinces passed similar act shortly after.

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