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Paul Stillman

CaseWho is What is the cause of actionWhat is Who Why did they winsuing being wonwhomclaimedUrzi V Parent Fall at the schoolyard led to a Claiming Plaintiff Negligence Act Careless causing Board of suing the injury in the knee fell in recovering aka the of injury to the personproperty of Education school Europe leading to a hip for Parentanotherfor the boardfracture from a weak kneedamages Contributory Negligence Duty of Borough of sustained care to yourself knowing that there North Yorkin her is possible ice underneath a snow Icy second fallcovered sidewalkSidewalk Duty of Care invitee therefore duty Caseto warn the plaintiff about ice sidewalk which are the hazards that you are aware of and should be aware ofrd Hedley Investor 3Advertiser wanted to make Claiming Plaintiff Negligence ActByrnePartyAdv sure that Easipower was recover of aka Careless cause of injury because Co Ltd V Co suing suitable for investing in so ask the money Hedley they loss money after investing in Heller and BankBank if they could determine if loss when Byrne the the company Heller and Partners Partners they were reliable and Easipower advertising passed negligent info to a third Ltdtrustworthy for an amount of went into companypartyBank 100000 per annumLiquidation Disclaimer Contract Yes it was case17000enough for the defendant to escape liability Dixon V Shareholder Dixon purchased shares off of Money loss Defendant Not close enough in proximity to Deaconsuing the another individual in the in aka know of him for negligent Auditor auditorscompany known as NBS investment Deacon information being sentcasebased on parts of the audited of NBSCase was financial statementsdismissedHagerman Resident At a hockey game sitting Damages Defendant Contributory Negligence duty of V City of suing the behind the goalie a net is up occurred aka the care to yourself she was looking Niagara Cityfor pucks that fly over the during the City aka away from the game during the Falls Et Alboard during the game a puck process claim was play Hockey flies over the board and over ie medical disissedVoluntary Assumption of Riskcasethe netting used to catch the bills chose to sit where there was pucks At point in time plaintiff emotionallimited protectionis looking away from the game Negligent Act careless cause of and gets hit in face with the injury to the personproperty of puck Glass got caught in her another being aware of hazards of eye and was removed and hazards that should be aware of therefore needed to get a which was met because they had glass eyePlexiglas and than a net that was comparable to other arenas Compliance with Industry standardsBarrick V Seller suing Barrick offered Clark land LandPlaintiff Revoke of Offer Clark did not Clarkthe Sept 8 Clark came back with aka the accept within a reasonable amount Land purchasera counteroffer Oct 30 ASAP sellerof time may be revoked any time caseBarrick counter offers Nov 15 prior to the acceptancethis and assumed it was See conduct of the parties and the received Nov 20 and to hear industry normback ASAP Received by the Counter Offer kills the original offerwife Clark was on vacation till Preventive law under a specific Dec 10 and responded time under seal or there is an immediately once returned option for the contract to leave
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