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Computer Science

HTML Exam Review 1 Using XHTML to Create Web PagesLearning About the Internet and the World Wide WebThe Internet is a global network of computers linked by highspeed data lines and wireless systemsThe World Wide Web WWW for short is just one of several services provided by the InternetThe software you use to view and browse or surf Web pages is called a Web browserTo display a Web page in a browser the text and graphics on the Web page must be formatted using Hypertext Markup Language HTMLHypertext is a way to organize information so that you can click links and view Web content in a nonsequential mannerMarkup refers to the symbols in HTML code that indicate how the text or images should appear in a browserExtensible Hypertext Markup Language XHTML specifies that the code to display content on Web pages must follow certain rulesTyping the Code for XHTML tagsTo type the code for an element that has both a start tag and an end tag use the following format start tagcontentend tagTo type the code for an empty element use the following format tag To nest tags use the following format tag1tag2contenttag2tag1DTDdocument type definition Metadatainformation about the document itself keywords author content description The title appears at the top of the browser window not in the document window are Including Comments in an XHTML DocumentOn a new blank line in an HTML document type the start code for a commentType the text for the commentType the end code for a comment Formatting Text on a Web PageTo create the heading code type the following where n is a value from 1 through 6 and content is the heading texthncontenthnDisplaying a Web Page in a BrowserAfter creating the XHTML document in your text editor save the fileStart your Web browser and then open the XHTML documentWhenever you edit the XHTML code in your text editor save the fileSwitch back to your browser and then refresh the page to view the revisions Creating Body Text
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