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Excel Midterm Review

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Computer Science

Hanson 1 Excel Midterm Test Review 5.1 An Excel Table Freezing a row or column lets you keep headings visible as you work with the data in a large worksheet Creating an Excel Table  Can convert a structured range of data to an table  Makes it easier to identify, mage and analyze groups of related data  You can rename tables for better organization  Check boxes in the Table Style Options group enable you to quickly add or remove table elements/change the table’s formatting o i.e., you can display or hide the header row Maintaining Data in an Excel Table  To “Add Records” it’s most efficient to enter data in the first blank row below the last record  To “Find Records” it’s easiest to use the “Find” command Sorting Data  Primary sort field and Secondary sort fields can be used to sort multiple columns with different criteria 5.2 Filtering Table Data  To filter using one column, click on the filter arrows and use the drop-down menu  To filter multiple columns, click on the filter arrows and check box desired categories Using Total Rows to Calculate Statistics  You can calculate the sum, average, count, maximum and minimum  Located in “Design” menu, checkbox Total Row Inserting Subtotals  You must reorder the data, convert it back to a range, then re convert back to table  The subtotal outline view can be switched using the tabs on the left 5.3 Pivot Tables  Helps organize data into meaningful summary  Quick and concise analysis, data can be “pivoted” Hanson 2 7.1 Logical Functions Using the IF Function  Evaluates whether a condition is true or false  Returns one value if true, another value if false Using the AND Function  Allows you to test multiple conditions  Returns either true or false  Only returns true if ALL tested values are true Using the OR Function  Allows you to test multiple conditions  Returns either true or false  Returns true if ANY values are TRUE  Returns false if ALL of the tested values are FALSE Structured References  The reference you use of a column header or table name when inputting into a formula  You can replace the specific cell/range address with a structured reference 7.2 Nested IFS and Lookup Tables Nested IF Functions  Is when one IF function is place inside another, to test an additional condition  Flowcharts are often used to illustrate  Important to use “absolute referencing” so the value is consistent for all rows o Placing ‘$’ beside coordinates Using Lookup Tables and Functions  Is a table that organizes data you want to retrieve into diff. categories  Allows you to use tables of data to “look up” values and insert them in another worksheet location  Compare values—categories for the lookup table (found in table’s first column/row
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