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McMaster University
Computer Science
Chris Mc Lean

1COMP SCI 1BA3 FINAL EXAM REVEIW EXCELChapter 1TerminologyPersonal productivity the measure of efficiency in production Excel A computer program used to create electronic spreadsheets Spreadsheet software a computer program used to enter analyzes and present quantitative data Workbooks An excel file xlsx divided into 1 Worksheets 2 Chart sheets Worksheet contains a grid of rows and columns into which the user enters data values and formulas Chart Sheet contains an Excel chart that provides visual representation of worksheet dataSpreadsheet a collection of text and numbers laid out in a rectangular grid Name box displays the cell reference of the active cell Formula bar Displays the value or formula entered in the active cell Active cell The cell currently being worked on in the active worksheet Select All button Used to select all cells in an active worksheet Row heading The numbers on the left side of the worksheet used to identify the row 2Column heading The letters along the top of the worksheet window used to identify the column Sheet tab scrolling buttons Scroll the list of sheet tabs in the worksheet Sheets What a workbook is composed of each sheet name appears in the sheet tab Active sheet The sheet that is currently displayed in the workbook Cell The intersection of a row and column their alphanumeric reference includes the column and row location that eg A1 is considered the cells cell reference Navigating Using mouse keyboard shortcuts dialogue boxes etc eg goto vs name box vs CtrlG vs F5 Documentation Sheet A worksheet that provides information about the content and purpose of a workbook Text data any combination of letters numbers and symbols that form words and sentences Number data any numerical value that can be used in a mathematical calculation DateTime are commonly recognized formats for date and time values therefore it is not interpreted as text but as a date Textleft aligned Numbers dates and timesright alignedEditing mode To edit cell contents and not completely remove or delete a cell Cell range A group of cells highlighted which can be adjacent or nonadjacent Formula an expression that returns a value begin withOperators Combine different values used in functions that result in a single value Most common are arithmetic operators addition subtraction etc 3Absolute reference A reference to an exact cell usually contained withsigns therefore when formulas are copied and pasted to other cells the cell reference in the formula doesnt change Relative references Does not containsigns and when a formula is copied and pasted to other cells the cell reference change to reflect the functions new location Paste Special Choose to paste unformatted or formatted texteg bold colour links Key Concepts Advantages of electronic spreadsheets Avoids human error Editing values or functions simple Edit rowcolumn width Displays errors in calculation or formulasAutomatically generated charts or illustrations Uses of spreadsheets in businessBudgeting inventory management decisionmaking data storage reportgeneration Best practices for creating workbooks Plan out your workbookWhat problems do you want to solveWhat data is neededWhat calculations are required What form should the solution take
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