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Computer Science
Anthony Hurst

th Pre exam review­ Final exam December 10 , 2012 9:00­11:00 Excel- • Don’t get too worried about key presses. • More about concepts, terminology and relationships between ideas etc. • How, what, and where for the information. • Know the Syntax. Ifs contain condition and the true part. • 1.1 1.2 5.1 5.2 5.3 7.1 7.2 7.3 10.1 10.2 Access- • Tutorial 1- 1.1 define the terms field, record, table, relational database, primary key, foreign key • Identify the components of the Microsoft access window and backstage view • Create and save a table in datasheet view • Enter field names and records in a table datasheet • Open a table using the navigation pane- collect and lets you see the various objects in the data base (queries, reports, forms etc.) • 2.2- open an access data base • Navigate a table datasheet, manipulate records • Create query, simple form, and simple report • QBE- query by example • Define a relationship between two tables • Enforce integrity constraints- foreign key can’t be used unless primary key value exists • Use import feature to create and populate tables of data • Major constraint on primary key- uniqueness • View/modify field data types, formatting • Modify field properties in design view • Specify primary key • Define relationship • Tutorial 3- use the QBE design grid, in design view, to create run and save a multi table query • Specify selection criteria • Use logical comparison operators • Aggregate functions, max min count etc. • Create and format a calculate filed- making use in most cases an existing field or two, manipulating in a math expression. – use data to do a what if scenario • Learn about the navigation pane Information Presentation- • working with document elements • Page design, text blocks, run arounds • Style, emphasis, depth • Manipulation of eye motion, dynamic thirds • Layout gird and development • Graphic placement- stingers grabbers etc • Typeface font • Colour, wheel and schemes- direct complimentary, one color, two colors • Working with graphic elements • Purpo
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