COMPSCI 1BA3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Lookup Table, Flowchart

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Freezing a row or column lets you keep headings visible as you work with the data in a large worksheet. Can convert a structured range of data to an table. Makes it easier to identify, mage and analyze groups of related data. You can rename tables for better organization. Check boxes in the table style options group enable you to quickly add or remove table elements/change the table"s formatting i. e. , you can display or hide the header row. To add records it"s most efficient to enter data in the first blank row below the last record. To find records it"s easiest to use the find command. Primary sort field and secondary sort fields can be used to sort multiple columns with different criteria. To filter using one column, click on the filter arrows and use the drop-down menu. To filter multiple columns, click on the filter arrows and check box desired categories.

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