COMPSCI 1BA3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Page Layout, List Box, Income Statement

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Name box- displays cell reference of active cell. Workbook is made of sheets- worksheets and chartsheets. What-if analysis- change one value, changes the others. Chart sheets contain visuals and can be placed in worksheets. Ctrl page up and down changes sheets. Text if left aligned, numbers are right aligned. Autocomplete-feature that tries to predict what you are typing in the cell reference box. Alt and enter make multiple lines in a cell. A pixel is a single point on a computer monitor. A point is 1/72 of an inch. Autofitting fits all data into biggest cell throughout column. Clearing-removes data deleting- removes data and cells. Page layout tab- changes way worksheets are appeared. Group of cells is a cell range. Status bar- ready or in edit mode. Non adjacent range- two or more distinct non adjacent ranges. Adjacent range- group of cells in single block of cells. Range reference- location and size of range.