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COMPSCI 1BA3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Database, Relational Database, Foreign Key

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Hanson 1
Access Midterm Test Review
Session 1.1: The Access Window
Organizing Data
Identify each entity and it’s individual attributes
o Entity- a person, object or event
Next, define each entity’s attributes as a set of fields
o Fields- a single characteristic or attribute of the entity
o Table- collection of fields which describes the entity
Each field as a specific data-type
Databases and Relationships
Relational database- a group of related tables (simply known as “database”)
Common Field- ability to connect records in the separate tables which appears in both
Primary key (PK)- a field, or collection of fields, whose values uniquely identify each record in a
Foreign Key (FK)- when you combine a PK from one table to form a relationship between two
tables, the field is now called a FK
Relational Database Management Systems
DBMS- software program that lets you create databases and then manipulate data in them
Session 1.2: The Create Tab Options
Creating a Simple Query
Query- can be thought of as a question you “ask” about the data stored in the database
Simple Query Wizard- used to quickly select records and fields to form a question
Creating a Simple Form
Form- an object you use to enter, edit, and view records in a database
o can use the Form Wizard, or Form Tool
Creating a Simple Report
Report- is a formatted printout (or screen display) of the contents of one or more tables in a
Hanson 2
Report tool- places all the fields from selected table (or query) on a report, making it the
quickest way to create a report
Compacting and Repairing a Database
Compacting- rearranges database objects and data to decrease the file size
Session 2.1 Table Window in Design View