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COMPSCI 1BA3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Xhtml, Autocomplete, Foreign Key

Computer Science
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Final Exam
Monday, December 10, 2012
Pre-Exam Review
10% of exam deals with excel
More about concepts and terminology
Not about key strokes and key presses
Some of it involves syntax (IFs, VLOOKUP, etc.)
Hardest part of excels is pivot tables
If contain three parts: the condition, what to do if its true and what to do if its
Nested IF: one structure inside another structure
Test nested ifs separately (build in steps)
Know terms and understand concepts
What is a key
How do we establish relationships between entities
What’s the difference between a foreign key and a primary key
What are the simple names for tuples and records
Want to populate primary table with data first then the foreign table
When deleting do it the opposite way (foreign table then primary table)
Do not need to know where the buttons are just understand what it means to
perform that action
What is the navigation pane for: collects and lets you see the various objects
you have in your database
Use wizard to do reports and forms (know what they are for one for input
one for output)
Use wizard to do the job then fix it to your specific needs
When making a query you make it first and do not use the wizard (can use
Importing from text files
Difference between ordinary text files from csv text files
Enforce integrity constraints: referential integrity (foreign key value cannot
be used unless the primary key value exists in another table), cascade update
and cascade delete (why do not always tick off because do not necessarily
want to lose records in the primary table)
Constraint on primary key: uniqueness
Relational operators are comparison operators (less than, greater than, equal
Logical operators (and, or)
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