Lecture 21 - Exam Format/Review

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McMaster University
Cultural Studies and Critical Theory
Helene Strauss

March 31, 2011 Cultural Studies 1CS3 Exam Review • Format:  PART A: Multiple choice (40 questions – 1 mark each – worth 50% of the exam – approx 60 minutes)  PART B: Essay question (40 marks – worth 50% of the exam – approx 60 minutes) -Choose one of the following three topics and write a fully developed, well-argued essay. Be sure to include a thesis statement and to support your argument with details covered in lecture, readings, and/or tutorial. • Examinable material:  Lecture material  Textbook – Popular Culture: A User’s Guide  Online articles • Sample questions: 1) Which of the following is not likely to be a consequence of instrumental rationality? a) Increased government control over industries such as health care b) The privileging of reason over emotion c) The pursuit of profit through ever-increasing efficiency d) Rapid harvesting of natural resources 2) The theory that identity is not inherent, but is shaped by cultural, political, and historical contexts is known as: a) Individualism b) Interpellation c) Posthuma
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