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Earth Sciences
Sergei Basik

2GG3Natural Disasters Fall 2013 Final Exam Preparation1 DirectionsFinal Exam Date and Time Tuesday December 17 2013 9 amDuration 2 hour GENERAL All candidates must comply with University Examination RegulationsStudents who do not observe these regulations will be required to withdraw from the examinationIDENTIFICATION CARDS McMaster students must present their photo identification cards at all examinationsStudents who seat themselves at an examination without photo ID cards may be required to withdraw from the examinationStudents who arrive without photo ID cards will be required before being seated to obtain a substitute card from room B114 in the Ivor Wynne Centre or room 1016 in the Michael DeGroote Centre for LearningA 3000 fee will be applied and no extension of the examination duration will be permitted to compensate for any processing delayPUNCTUALITY Punctuality is essential and no extra time will be allowed to those arriving late No candidate will be allowed to write an examination more than 30 minutes after the start of any session without approval of hisher Associate Dean of StudiesCONDUCT IN THE EXAMINATION ROOM NO CONVERSATION or any form of communication between candidates is permitted in the examination room NO cell phones ipods or any electronic communicating devices are permitted NO BOOKS PAPERS OR INSTRUMENTS may be taken into any examination room unless specifically prescribed on the examination paper NO examination books or supplies are to be removed from the examination room FOOD IS NOT PERMITTED in any examination roomDrinks must be in spill proof containers Handbags and small personal belongings must be left beneath the chairsThe University can assume no responsibility for lost articles
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