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Earth Sciences
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Carolyn Capretta

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Attempt 1 Written: Mar 29, 2014 11:32AM -Apr 2, 2014 10:03AMSubmission View Released:Apr 20, 2014 12:11 PM Question 1 1 / 1 point The 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty established the International Joint Commission. How many members make up the Commission? Question a) 2 options: b) 4 c) 6 d) 8 Question 2 1 / 1 point According to "The Great Lakes:An EnvironmentalAtlas and Resource Book" what percentage of the Canadian shore of the Great Lakes is privately owned? Question a) 20 options: b) 30 c) 40 d) 50 Question 3 1 / 1 point All of the International Joint CommissionAreas of Concern are along the connecting channels between the Great Lakes. Question a) True options: b) False Question 4 1 / 1 point According to "The Great Lakes:An EnvironmentalAtlas and Resource Book" how much water is used from the Great Lakes for Canadian power production (in cubic feet per second)? Question a) 20 options: b) 90 c) 610 d) 700 Question 5 1 / 1 point What is the retention time of Lake Superior? Question 105 options: years 172 years 187 years 191 years Question 6 1 / 1 point Which of the following values can be measured by contingent valuation technique? Question a) direct values options: b) indirect values c) option/quasi option values d) a and c e) all of the above Question 7 1 / 1 point The water footprint does not provide an environmental impact assessment. Question a) True options: b) False Question 8 1 / 1 point Which of the following is sometimes estimated by models? Question a) the white water footprint options: b) the blue water footprint c) the green water footprint d) they grey water footprint Question 9 1 / 1 point Which of the following countries has a water footprint averaged per person that is less than 1000 m^3 per year? Question options: a) The USA b) Japan c) China d) Australia Question 10 1 / 1 point Cheap water reflects an abundance of the resource. Question options: a) True b) False Question 11 0 / 2 points This question is worth 2 marks Ahydrogeological modelling company is attempting to determine the change in volume of groundwater storage in an aquifer in a given year (2013). There calculations show that in 2010:  0.75 km3 of precipitation fell  Evapotraspitation accounted for 0.62km3  Overaland flow account for 0.02 km3  Interflow accounted for 0.01 km3  There was a net gain 0f 0.08km3 from surface water  0.13km3 was lost to art
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