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Exam Review Pt.2

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Earth Sciences
Greg King

Exam Review Pt3April1112744 PMAquifer storage and recovery Pg 284Storing water in aquifer satisfies two needs protects from surface pollution and emergency water storage for droughtsAquifer storage and recovery ASR uses one well in which water is both injected and extracted The advantage of this is that only one well is neededAquifer Storage Transfer and Recovery ASTR uses two different wells one well for storing the other for filtration and extractionArtificially recharging the aquifer has many techniques the best one depends on the aquifer itself Things like characteristics of the aquifer and proximity to the water or the purpose for extracting the waterInfiltration basinsare the oldest and most used method to recharge the aquifer this is done by making the surface more permeable This method is preferred when large open areas are availableWhen the area is not so open the alternative method is to artificially pump water into the aquifers themselvesThe AuerencaSilves aquifer in Portugal is using ASTRWater sustainability on small tropical and subtropical islands Pg 330Water management in islands is hard because of high temperature and tourism where lots of water is needed and because of this they can only sustain limited populationIslands are categorized
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