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ECON 2P03 Final: Final Exam Info.pdf

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Hannah Holmes
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What’s on the Exam
Since the exam is worth the same weight as the test, I thought it was only fair that they
be the same length. So
The exam comprises 30 multiple choice questions. It is 90 minutes in length.
The exam is during class time on Tuesday June 12, from 1:00 2:30. Location to be
posted on Avenue as a news item.
Heres whats on the exam:
Chapter 2 Sports Franchises as Profit Maximizers 1 question
Chapter 4 Competitive Balance 2 questions
Chapter 5 Markets for Franchises 1 question
Chapter 6 – Costs & Benefits of a Sports Franchise 8 questions
Chapter 7 Tournaments & Superstars 3 questions
Chapter 8 Intro to Labour Markets 12 questions
Chapter 9 Labour Unions & Labour Negotiations 2 questions
Chapter 10 Discrimination 1 question
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