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McMaster University
Environmental Science
Luc Bernier

Lecture 2 What is Weather 1According to Environment Canada what was the top weather story of 20092What climate change processes might you expect to witness during yourlifetime Which ones do you think take too long for you to experience 1Lack of a summer summer of discontent 2Climate change processes I am guessing we can witness droughtstornadoes hurricanes etc And as for climate changes that take long to experience would be like longterm changes such as global warming and ice ageboth answers from ELM Lecture 3 Earths Atmosphere 1The thermosphere has extremely high temperature but a person exposed toit would rapidly freeze Explain this apparent contradiction2Does the equivalent of Northern Lights occur in the southern hemisphere1 The difference between temperature and heat While it has a hightemperature the air is so thin that it cannot transfer that heat into a bodyNot enough molecules to bump into even if each is very high energy thetemperature So your body would radiate heat faster than the surroundingair could replace it and you freeze 2Auroras can be spotted throughout the world and on other planets but it ismost visible closer to the poles due to the longer periods of darkness and themagnetic fieldboth answers from ELM Lecture 4 Atmospheric Pressure and Density 1Pressurized cans of shaving cream advise users not to expose the product toexcessive heat What might happen if the advice is not followed Will thispotential problem remain throughout life of the product2At standard pressure of 10132 mb is also known as one atmosphere 1ATMLook at next figure and determine at approximately what levels you wouldrecord a pressure of 05 ATM and 01 ATM 1Pressurized cans it will exposed internal pressure increasing due to heat a year or two or five down the road is this still going to be a problem If thereare no leaks it will remain the same However if there is a leak over timethere is a reduction in gas content and thus a higher applied pressurerequired for it to explode2Standard pressure is 10132 mb1 ATM What is the pressure of 05 ATM inmb5065 mb What is the pressure of 01 ATM in mb101 mb Lecture 5 Global Energy Balance
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