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Environmental Science
Jurek Kolasa

Lecture 7What is humidityAmount of water vapour in the airA lot of water vapour is in equatorial regionsWarm areas can hold much more water vapour than cold airBecause of the cold temperatures high latitude regions tend to not hold much water vapourWhat are the states of waterSolid to liquid to gaseousChanges between states involve either the consumption of latent heat or the release of latent heatTransfer of water vapour through clouds moving from one place to anotherWhat is Absolute HumidityMass of water vapour per volume of airWhy is it not commonly usedNot commonly used due to the volume changes that the absolute humidity impliesWhat is specific Humidity SHActual quantity of water vapour in airSHmass of water vapour g mass of total air kgTwo different volumes contain the same mass therefore have the same specific humidityHow are Specific Humidity Latitude and Temperature relatedThe warmer the temperature the higher the water vapour content So equatorial regions have the mostExplain Polar regionsSpecific humidity values fall off rapidly as temperature in these regions decreasesExplain Equatorial regionsMore insolate is available at lower latitudes to evaporate water from oceans or moist land surfaces Therefore specific humidity and temperature values are high at low latitudesWhat is Vapour PressureThe pressure exerted by water vapour molecules in an air parcel mbWhat is Saturation vapour pressureThe vapour pressure at which an air parcel will be saturatedThe point at which condensation occurs depends on temperatureOnce the temperature exceeds 0 Celsius specific humidity and pressureincrease exponentiallyWhat is Saturation Specific HumidityMaximum amount of water vapour ie SH that an air parcel can contain at any given timeIncreases rapidly above 0 degrees CelsiusHow is Saturation AchievedDensity of gas cannot be increased above a certain levelChange of phase once limit is reached
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