chapter 1

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Environmental Science
Luc Bernier

Chapter 1 CompositionStructure of the Atmosphere May 3 199911 major storm elementssupercells 57 tornadoes The Atmosphere WeatherClimateAtmosphere a mix of gas molecules microscopically small suspended particles of solidliquidfalling precipitationMeteorology the study of the atmospherethe processescloud formation lightning wind movement that cause what we refer to as the weather Weather shortterm phenomena current temp wind conditions amounttype of cloud coverClimatology same BUT on a diff timescaleunderstands the avg values of the atmospheric characteristics across Earths surface extreme weather events max highlow Climate longterm patterns Thickness of the Atmospherethe upper limit of the atmosphere100km 60mi above sea level2 of Earths thickness from the center Composition of the Atmospherea mix of invisible gasesmicroscopic particleswater dropletssteady state the rate at which gas moves from ground to atmosphere isto the output rate atmosphere to groundresidence time the avg length of time that molecules of a given substance remain in the atmosphere longer arrowsshorter time
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