chapter 2

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Environmental Science
Luc Bernier

Chapter 2 Solar Radiationthe Seasons Energy an agent capable of setting an object in motion warming a teapot or otherwise manifesting itself in everyday eventsJoule the stnd unit of energy in the Intl System SI used in scientific applications 1 joule239 caloriesPower the rate at which energy is released transferred or received o Watt the unit of power1joulesecElectromagnetic radiation provides energy for the movement of the atmosphere the growth of plants the evaporation of water etc o Consists of an electric wavea Magnetic wave which are perpendicular to ea other o Aplitudethe height of the wave o Wavelengththe distance bw any 2 points along the waveKinetic energy energy in usethe energy of motionPotential energy energy that hasnt yet been used can assume many forms ex when we metabolize food we are using potential energy converting it to kinetic energyreleasing heat as a byproductRadiation the only one that can be spread wout a transfer mediumit is emitted by all mattero It takes 7 minutes for energy from the Sun to reach Earth o FIG 26 Page 38Gamma rays xrays UV Infrared Radio shortest
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