ENVIRSC 1G03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Quartzite, Hornfels, Gneiss

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*- most are depositied in the ocean, under water. Sediments are particles which have been: mechanically transported or chemically precipitated from solution, or secreted by organisms deposited in loose layers on the earth"s surface transport: greatear distance of transport = smoother/more rounded grains deposition: Glacial deposition = continual deposition of all sizes of particles (poorly sorted) Stream deposition = most e cient, particles get sorted into di erent sizes by the water lithi cation: - the conversion of sediment into rock. Compaction: reduction in volume of sediments resulting from weight of newly deposited sediments above. Cementation: a process by which precipitates bind together the grains of a sediment, converting it into a sedimentary rock. *images were taken from dr. maureen padden"s lecture slides* Contact metemorphism: high temperature is the dominent factor occurs relatively close to the earth"s surface (low pressure) common to nd non-foliated rocks (marble, quartzite, hornfels)

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