ENVIRSC 3CC3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Sea Level Rise, Continental Shelf, Quality Records

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Chapter 3: (3-6, 3-7 will not be tested) The interpretation of climate data is complemented by the use of climate models. Hypotheses of climate change can be tested by comparing results from models against. Sediments: eroded debris into streams and rivers forms. These sediments get deposited in water in layers of undisturbed succession. Most goes to the ocean, and may persist in the sea floor for tens of millions of. More erosion and more tectonic activity decreases the likelihood of preserved. For intervals prior to the last 170 myr all surviving sediment records come from. Wave action reaching several meters below sea level, large storms, earthquakes. The sea moves up and down continental margins over time over a vertical range. These factors determine what sediments survive to be used. When sea levels are high, deposits on upper margins form lens-shaped units, separated by distinct surfaces where erosion has occurred. Deposition is relatively continuous within some of these coastal margin sequence.