ENVIRSC 3CC3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Tectonic Uplift, Marine Transgression, Oceanic Basin

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135 and 65 million years ago than resulting from local factors like tectonic uplift or subsidence of the land. Cretaceous: (140-65 myr) an interval of warmer climate and higher sea level between. Transgressions: relative movement of the ocean up and across the margins of the land. Regressions: relative motions of the ocean down and off the margins of the land. The era we"re looking at is the cretaceous period between 140-70 million years ago. We know that the earth was much warmer, sea level was higher, and that there may. We also know the positions of the continents and continental margins at this point as. Something happened 65 million years ago, and the climate became unusually warm 10. Pangea began to break apart about 175 million years ago. The sea level was much higher, the climate was much warmer and there was no ice. Evidence of warm-adapted vegetation at this time (broad-leafed evergreens)