GEOG 1HA3 Study Guide - Economic Geography, Gateway Cities, Edge City

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Most major cities are located on coastlines with access to natural breaks in transportation. Many immigrants are moving toward the major cities for more job opportunities. Depopulation is a significant trend in rural areas as a result of spatial concentration of economic activity i. e. saskatchewan movement from small towns to large city. Rural population is generally increasing rural farm population is generally decreasing. Exurbanization- the movement of household from urban areas to locations outside the urban area but within the commuting field. Urban sprawl- the largely unplanned expansion of an urban area (typically discontinuous, leaving rural areas ) Urbanization- the urban way of life; associated with a declining sense of community and increasingly complex social and economic organization as a result of increasing size, density, and heterogeneity. Cities originated in one of four ways: agricultural surplus regions- i. e. mexico, peru, marketplaces- i. e. venice (port city, military, defence or administrative centers i. e. rome, ceremonial centers- i. e. china.