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GEOG 1HA3 Midterm Review

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Michael Mercier

GEOG 1HA3 Midterm Review SpaceAreal Extent 1 Absolute Space Real areal relation between thingson earth used for maps a certain size definable boundaries factual latitude and longitude maps The study of regions and spatial analysis 2 Relative Space Open to interpretation perceptual crowed space Spacious spaceand opinion Subject to continuous change Topological maps the distance between steps are not important train maps bus routes they are not to scale relative positions to one stop and another Euclidean geometrysees space as a framework geographic facts are located and geographic events occur Riemann geometry spherical surface earththe shortest distance between two locations is a curved line not straightSpatial separationgeographers with primarily humanistic perspective believe that human geography based on spatial analysis focuses on space alone as an explanation of human behaviorsLocationRefers to a particular position in space 1 Absolute mathematical locationUsing Latitude and Longitude to find an absolute precise location using coordinates Mathematical precise statement 2 Relative location this location is close to that locationperceptual depends on the person location of one place relative to another 3 NominalToponym locationA place name the location Mcmaster room MDCL 1305 a significant place has a ToponymConflict in Place NamesThey help provide location understandingOn a British map the city is called Londonderry on a Irish map the city is called DerrySite local characteristics of a location Situationlocations relative to other locations p53figures PlaceParticular location with a particular significance or meaning either with one person or collectively it has an identityResidence Significant to the people who live there and alumni Home Significant to family and friends of familyTwin towers LocationCulturalhuman meaningPlaceSense of Place Personal significant attachmentDrive by childhood home reflection memories Even location that you have not been before leaning tower of pizza gondolas Niagara falls there is a sense of placeSacred space landscapes that are particularly esteemed by an individual or a group usually for a religion purpous but also for political or other comparable reasons churches templesLocalreginal characteristics of culture different sense of place sacred places where the sense of place is strong site of a miracle Placelessness Homogeneous standardizationEast side MariosArtificial sense of place little ItalyWalMart McDonalds all organized the sameSuburbs have little place associated with them because they are all similaroccupied by humans but have no special quality tourist landscapes urban commercial strips Topophelia positive feelings that links humans to a particular environment Topophobiadislike of a landscape that may prompt feelings of fear anxiety sufferingThese concepts add valuable refinement not only to the more general concept of location Places as emotional anchors for much human activity
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