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McMaster University
Michael Mercier

5064 Geography 1Ha3 Exam notes Geography The study of patents and processes on the earths surface GeoThe WorldGrapheito writeHuman Geographythe spatial patterns of people their cultures economies settlements political and social structures and behaviorthe study of not just the spatial organization of human activities but also the significant meanings attached to the places where these activities take place What is whereDescription regionalspatialenvironmental Why thereExplanationUnderstanding Why careMeaning interpretation Charles GritznerHuman GeographyDescription of the spatial organization patterns of people places and human phenomenaExplanation of the processes that produce these patternsInterpretation of what these patterns mean ie the significance or meaning of these patterns Landscape A major concern of geographic study the characteristics of a particular area especially created through human activity Region A part of the earths surface that displays internal homogeneity and is relatively distinct from surrounding areas according to some criterion or criteria Regions are intellectual creations Location A term that refers to a specific part of the earths surface and area where something is situated Globalization A complex combination of economic political and cultural changes that have long been evident but that have accelerated markedly since about 1980 bringing about a seemingly everincreasing connectedness of both people and place Two branches of geography 1 Physical geography Study of patternsprocesses of the physical worldPhysical environment5064 2 Human geographyStudy of patternsprocesses of the human worldSocial environmentThree Recurring Themes 1 Human and Land 2 Regional Studies 3 Spatial analysis Absolute SpaceObjective Real MeasurableImportant for making maps Mcmaster50 acresDefineable Relative SpacePerceptualOpen to interpretation cozy crampedDistance between stops doesnt matter just need to know which one is coming nextLocation Refers to a position in space 1AbsolutemathematicalLongitudeLatitude 3 Relative Perceptual Relative to location Nominal Location ToponymPlace name MDCL 1305Important places have namesCan be contestedLocational Understanding PlaceIdentify meaning significanceBrandon HallSignificant to meFloormatesHomeMefamilyLocationCulturalHuman meaningPlace Sense of place Personally significant attatchments 5064 LocalRegional characteristics of cultureIrish pubHavannaLatin part of new OrleansSacred placesWorshipplaces o Placelessness homogeneity and standardizationExample East side Marios Artificial sense of placeWalMartMcdonaldsYou know where to goDistance Space between two or more locationsAbsolutePhysical distanceTravel DistancePsychological distancewalking home aloneEconomic communication distance Mentifacts NonPhysical held by cultureValues Sociofacs Interpersonal attributes Artifacts physicalDistribution Of geographic phenomena distanceorganization DensityHow many of something there is and the space were talking aboutHow any classes in mac Campus size Forms a ratioDotSpace ConcentrationDispersion How something is spaced over an area ConcentratedSmallerdispersionHigherClustered Agglomerated Restaurants in little Italy Dispersed Universities in Ontario
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