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Midterm 1 Review

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Walter Peace

Test 1 Review Page 16Geothe earthGrapheinto writeGreek and Roman Geographers measured the earth create the global grid of parallels and meridians making latitudes and longitudes They also studied different living patterns effect of humans and other topics related to the environment and society Geography in the past was described in different ways and is still different in many aspects for all different areas and types of peopleSpatial Science The discipline concerned with the use of earth spaceGeography the study of spatial variation of how and why physical and cultural items differ from place to place It also focuses on observable spatial patterns evolved through time Physical Geographers seek to understand environmental processes such as climate patterns and change climatology the origin and evolution of landforms and the distribution of living organism across a certain area Human Geographers study human phenomena social political demographic economic cities and interactions between people and natural landscapes illustrated in environment resources and management Health Geographers study topics such as access to health care determinants of health and environment and health interactions Economic Geographers focus on location analysis foreign direct investments and production consumption and the movement of good and services form an area to another or in the same area Page 1226Basic tenants of Geographic Approacho Physical Systems physical processes shape earth interactions and control different cultural and environmental aspects o World in Spatial Terms refers to the use of maps and other geographic representations tools and technologies to acquire process and report information o Places and Regions the study of physical and human systems their spatial relationships and interactionso Human systems spacial organization of society population movements settlement patterns economic activity transportation communication and political organizationo Society and Environment represents the affects of society on the environment the accessibility of rich soil in the past was much easier however due to pollution and other factors it is much more difficult now o Uses of Geographythe use of tools of geography different fields of geography and understanding the perspective of geographers upon issues
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