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chapter 7 Note

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Walter Peace

Chapter 7 British Columbia 10 of Cnds landmassthe Cordillera dominates the landscape the Alaska Panhandle blocks sea access for the northern halflumber pulp natural gascoal4 main exportsBCAlbertaSask Trade InvestmentLbr Mobility Agreement TILMAis BCs interest in promoting trade w provinces CascadiaOregon WashingtonBCit is a reaction to the tve feelings towards Ottawaas the Aboriginal faultine is increasing they are demanding more power through landclaim agreements Physical Geographyrain forests along the coast desertlike conditions in the Interioralpine tundra at high elevationsEasterly flowing air masses loaded w moisture from the Pacific are forced to rise over the mountainfalls as orographic rain on the Western the east is dryer Winters are extremely mild summer is warm high rainfallThe Pacific Ocean impacts BC Physiographic Regionsmost is in the Cordilleramountains plateausvalleysextends from BC to Yukon 16 of Cnds land area has 10 mntn ranges3 mountains Insular CascadeColumbia MntnsThe Interior Plateau separates the Coast Mntns from the mntns of the Interior o Fraser Canyonone of BCs bestknown landformsmjr fault zone that sep the Cascades from the Coast Mntnsgorge Hells GateOnly 2 arable land 5 croplanda serious problem as urban dvlpts are spreading onto agri land Climatic ZonesThe PacificCordilleraHeavy rain along the western slopsCoast mntns VS Interior Plateau that I hotdryPineapple Expressoriginates over the warm winters around Hawaiibrings torrential rainswarm weather in the winter months BC Has the most temperate calm climate in Cnd Orographic rain occurs frequently due to the Pacific air masseshigh rainliquid sunshineVancouver receives 40 less rain Natural Vegetation ZonesIn the western coast podzolic soils are commonacidiclow in plant nutrients
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