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regions of canada

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Walter Peace

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Regions of Canada Atlantic Canada thThurs Oct 13 2011Atlantic CanadaRecent colonial history esp NewfHanging space relations tho 19 centurystrong regional economy tho 20 centuryperipheral position in national economysupply region ie hinterlandperiphery region Bone Ch1downward transitional regiondefining characteristicsorientation to the sea livelihood settlement pattern o what happens when this disappearsQuestions Why did Atlantic Canada NOT remain a gateway to Cnd as compared to the Atlantic Seaboard of the US Why did this gatewayfunction shift to central CndGeographicalpolitical fragmentation of this region2 of CNds area excluding Labrador54 of Cnds area including Labrador o Does Labrador belong to this region72 23M of Cnds ppltn 2006 see Table 91 Fig 91share of Cnds GDP 63 CMAs1996 2001 2006 Halifax 332000 359000 372858 St Johns 174000 173000 181113 St John 125000 123000 1223892 Ppltn density49 personskmPpltn growth rate less than national avg in postwar era despite high BRWHY o High outmigration rate throughout post WWII era resulting in a high dependency rationesp In Newf The most rural of Cnds regionsurban rural Newf 577 423 NS 558 442 PEI 448 552 NB 504 496 Can 80 20Even the TerrN has a higherurban 587
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