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regions of canada - bc

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McMaster University
Walter Peace

Regions of Canada British ColumbiaVIDEOquestions will be on EXAM Recent history cs Eastern Canada crucial position in Cndlink to Pacific Ocean yet marginal positionphysicalpsychological isolation see centralistdecentralist faultline belowPerception of limitless resources yet Environmental challenges clear cutting of forests erosion stream sedimentation spawning grounds of salmon damagedHeartlandhinterland in microcosm o Vancouverlower mainlandheartland o Rest of BChinterland See Ch1Upward transitional regionStatistics200639M 13 of Cnds ppltn95 of Cnds area125 of Cnds GDPVancouver surpassed 2M 2006 half of BCs ppltn5 of Aboriginals Bone p 275 YETShare of GDPppltnstrong place in Canada faultline o BC was hit by the global economic crisisits unemployment from 476 20072009 Changing Economic conditions 1950forestry50 of BCs economy valuelargest employment sector2000forestry17 of economy value 14 of employmentBCsdilemmaeconomic growth depends on resource industries yetoutdoor lifestyletourism sector depend on pristine wilderness how can these competing agendas be balanced Themes Bone p 277281 1 Spectacular physical geography 2 mild climate 3 contrast bw coastinterior 4 rugged topographylittle arable land a Precipitation 2 areasCordilleraPacific Bone p 282289ThemesKey events o Aboriginal history 10000 years prior to European contact o Captain James Cook 1778 o Fur trade North West Company o Gold rush 1858 o Confederation 1867 BC joins in 1871 o CPR completed 1885rise of Vancouver
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