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chapter 8

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Walter Peace

Chapter 8 Western Canada the Interior Plains agricultureCndn Shield miningloggingIncludes Alberta ManitobaSask Challenges o Water is scarcethe regions dry climate leads to crop failure o Dist to world markets has proven a challenge for economic dvlpt bc of its need to export its surplus energy foodmineral resourcesWestern Cnd has the lowest unemployment rate 4 below the ntl avg of 6200654M ppllive mostly in the southern regionCalgary Edmonton Winnipeg SaskatoonReginaleading cities o northern region is5of regions ppltn Physical Geography2 regions Interior PlainsCndn Shield2 small portions of the Hudson BayCordilleraBanff Ntl ParkJasper Ntl Park is in the CordilleraInterior Plains contains fossil fuels 4 leading mineral resources oil gas coal potash contained in the Western Sedimentary Basin o Vegetation Parklandgrassland o Soils black dark brownbrownCndn Shield rocky terrain makes cultivation impossibleforestry takes place o Cooler weather leads to a lower evaporationboreal forest can grow in podzolic soilDuring the winter Arctic masses dominate weather conditions in the PrairiesArctic deep freezeDuring summer hot dry air masses from the SW USOne of the driest regions due to distance from the Pacific Oceanorographic uplift air masses over the Rocky Mntns causes them to lose most of their moistureChinooks strong winds that become warmdry as they flow down a mtnAlberta Clippers strong frigid wings produce blizzard conditionsPrecipitation from WE Pallisers Triangle driest landsless than 400mmyear1930sDust Bowl Environmental Challenges Alberta worlds largest oil sands benefits BUT mining poses 3 major envtal challenges 1 Release of greenhouse gases 2 Openpit mining scars landscape 3 Separating oil from tar requires large amnts of waterwasteproduces 18B Ls of toxic waterdayEnd Pit Lakes a project that involves burying the toxic sludge into deep pitscovering it wlayers of earth topped off w fresh waterlakesChallenge to remove radioactive wastes from abandoned uranium mines
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