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chapter 10

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Walter Peace

Chapter 10 The Territorial North Has the largest geog area40 of Cnds landonly 03 of ppltnShaped by 3 factors 1 small ppltn due to limited capacity of land to support ppl 2 Aboriginal ppltn Inuit 3 NonAboriginal ppltn tends to move to job opp In SCndA resource frontier has an economy based on the exploitation of its energymineral resources 2 Visions1 Northern frontier2 Homeland Megaprojects largescale resource dvlps financedmanaged by multinational corps designed to meet global needs for primary products st Elected govts exist in the 3 territories6 landclaim agreements w 1 NationsTlicho Final Agreement 2003 is most recentNunavut is an expression of ethnic regional consciousnessChallenge to generate sufficient economic growthto create a labor force that can take adv of this growth Physical Geography of the Terr North4 regions1 Cndn Shield2 Interior Plains 3 Cordillera 4 ArcticThe Aurora Borealis Northern Lights occur regularly in the winterVegetation variable boreal forest tundra mosses lichens polar desertClimate1 Arctic summer is limited to a few days w freezing tempssnows 2 Subarctic longer summer 1month Arctic air masses dominate the weather dry cold weather long winters high latitudeslow solar energyArctic Archipelagopolar desertThe Arctic climate extends along the coasts of Ont QueLabradorArctic Oceancalled the Frozen Sea by early explorersThe ice coverthe Arctic ice packpolar pack ice The sedimentary basins of the Interior PlainsArctic contain large deposits of oilnatural gas minerals include diamonds gold lead uraniumzincEnvironmental Challenge Global WarmingDue to the Albedo effectgreater solar warming of the landwater will occur bc of the reduction of icesnow coverFactors heat transfer from lower latitudes to higher onesAs icesnow decrease the Albedo will shift from high to low st By the end of the 21 C global warming is expected to have created an icefree Arctic OceanHudson Bay
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