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Has the largest geog area = 40% of cnd s land & only 0. 3% of ppltn. Shaped by 3 factors: small ppltn due to limited capacity of land to support ppl, aboriginal ppltn (inuit, non-aboriginal ppltn tends to move to job opp. A resource frontier: has an economy based on the exploitation of its energy. Megaprojects: large-scale resource dvlps financed & managed by multinational corps designed to meet global needs for primary products. Elected gov ts exist in the 3 territories & 6 land-claim agreements w/ 1st. Nations tlicho final agreement (2003) is most recent. Nunavut is an expression of ethnic regional consciousness. Challenge: to generate sufficient economic growth & to create a labor force that can take adv of this growth. 4 regions: cndn shield, interior plains, cordillera, arctic: The aurora borealis (northern lights) occur regularly in the winter. Vegetation: variable, boreal forest, tundra, mosses, lichens, polar desert.

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